Apple Mosaic - Hole

Apple Mosaic - Hole

Released: 1988
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: Off The Track Records

I loved making this record. One of my first with a totally live setup outside Trident, in a barn in Gloucestershire.

I love the energy on this record. Should have been a big hit in the UK as well as France. Unfortunately the band didn’t last long, but Ian Dench, the guitarist didn’t have to wait long to have his first number one, with his next band EMF.


  1. Hole
  2. I'll Be Me
  3. Pictures, People & Zoos
  4. Don't Weep At Your Window
  5. One Of These Days
  6. Under The Spell
  7. Hour Of Thought
  8. Count Me Out
  9. The Prisoner's Free
  10. Race
  11. Halfway There
  12. She Knows Where To Go