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Clive_MartinI can work anywhere & in any set up. I’m always looking for new bands/artists to work with, as this is what I love to do!

If you want to contact me use the contact form.

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After 30 years of working in the studio and all my experience, I’ll help you with song structures and arrangements as well as getting the best performance out of you and of course find the best direction for your music.

Pre production is very important before you go into the studio. If any extra musicians or programmers are needed, of course I can help. I have my team.


One of my specialties and something I love to do. Can mix in the box as is the trend these days.

I have my own setup & mainly use protools or logic. I have a huge selection of plugins, but if I have the choice always prefer to mix through a good old analog desk, old school style. I love everything analog. Neve rules! Can also do my own mastering.


The most important part of the process. Love to record as live as possible to capture the energy of the music. Recording Instruments one at a time leaves the result cold.

Of course you need a good selection of mics, pre amps & a good sounding room.