Dolly - Dolly

Dolly - Dolly

Released: 1997
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: Murrayfield Music / East West / France

Another collaboration with Pete Murray, again at Le Manoir. Was a big success & have continued to work with Manu & Nikko to this day.


Dolly has been certified Platinum in France.


  1. Je N'veux Pas Rester Sage
  2. Quand L'herbe Nous Dévore
  3. Fin D'époque
  4. Les Mots
  5. Joe
  6. Partir Seule
  7. Killing Time
  8. Garde Moi
  9. Si Nous Déposions Les Armes
  10. Monde Sauvage
  11. J'attends
  12. Love And Money