Puressence - Puressence

Puressence - Puressence

Released: 1996
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: Island

A band I discovered whilst working at Island records, thanks to Gary Crowley.

I produced the demos which secured them a deal with Island. I then re-recorded the album at various residential studio in the UK: The Chapel, Monnow Valley & Angelshare (where John Leckie had just recorded the Stone Roses 2nd album) and mixed it at Parr St Liverpool.

Strangely enough never a big success in the UK (bad timing!), but huge in Greece where I’ve spent a lot of time.


  1. Near Distance
  2. I Suppose
  3. Mr Brown
  4. Understanding
  5. Fire
  6. Traffic Jam in Memory Lane
  7. Casting Lazy Shadows
  8. You're Only Trying to Twist My Arm
  9. Every House on Every Street
  10. India