Raining Pleasure - Who’s Gonna Tell Juliet?

Raining Pleasure - Who’s Gonna Tell Juliet?

Released: 2007
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: EMI / Celesta

Having moved to Greece in 2004 “Raining Pleasure” not only were my favorite band at the time, they were also the most successful. As soon as I met Vassilikos, the lead singer, I knew I’d met someone very special. My first production in Greece & I think my first on a PC! We recorded & mixed in Vasili’s garage (the guitarist) in Patra, all of us in 1 room.

Not the easiest album to produce, as I soon discovered there were a few internal battles within the group. Vassilikos was living in Germany which didn’t help with communication or the speed of our recording. Then when he did get to Patra to start recording the vocals his Iphone with all his lyrics was stolen!

Nether the less had a fantastic time & made some great friends.

I have been working with Vassilikos ever since.


  1. Breath In - Breath Out
  2. You Are Not Young Any More
  3. Flamenko
  4. Stains On The Wall
  5. God Is Pregnant
  6. Who's Gonna Tell Juliet?
  7. Run To The Disco
  8. Love Was Just A Girl
  9. Game Over
  10. Stay
  11. Our Father
  12. Rainbow