Silmarils - Silmarils

Silmarils - Silmarils

Released: 1995
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: Murrayfield Music / East West / France

Another collaboration with Peter Murray, the boss of Off The Tack records. This album was a real fusion of styles, hip hop & rock, so involved a lot of programming as well as live takes.

We recorded & mixed the whole album at Le Manoir in the south of France in a month. …I miss this place !


Silmarils has been certified gold in France.


  1. Cours Vite
  2. Fils D'Abraham
  3. Victimes De La Croix
  4. Killing Da Movement
  5. Love Your Mum
  6. L'agresse
  7. Mackina
  8. Je Ne Jure De Rien
  9. Communication
  10. Just Be True
  11. No Justice No Peace
  12. Payer Le Prix