Anna F. - … For Real

Anna F. - … For Real

Released: 2010
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: Moerder Music / Austria

Thanks to my good friend Ian Dench (from EMF) I got the chance to mix this album, meet the lovely Anna and make a new friend Alex Deutsch, the producer / drummer / mentor / boyfriend!

I mixed it at “Mushroom” studios in Pinkafeld Austria. A studio I love with a fantastic SSL.

The album was a big success in Austria & won the Amadeus award (the equivalent to the Brits) for album of the year.



No 3 in Austria and Gold certification.


  1. Time Stands Still
  2. Most Of All
  3. Another Song
  4. The Ghost Is Gone
  5. Fly
  6. Feel You
  7. Thank God I'm A Woman
  8. Jimmy Page
  9. I Don't Like You
  10. Let Loose
  11. Keep Your Eye On Me
  12. Home