Makabu - A Place Beneath

Makabu - A Place Beneath

Released: 2010
Role: Engineer, Mixing
Label: Zughafen / Germany


Thanks to Christoph who had played some guitars on Anna F’s album, I got to meet and work with Makabu. My first German band and my first time in Erfurt.

Mixed at Clueso’s studio Zughafen. A great experience & great people.

By coincidence the album was produced by Darryn Harkness, lead singer of the New Telepathics and guitarist of British band Serafin, a band I’d worked with many years previously in London.


  1. A Place Beneath
  2. Sweetest Thing
  3. Could It Be
  4. God Send
  5. Tired & Secured
  6. Sorry
  7. Somehow
  8. Any Kind of Chemical Stimultaion
  9. Coming Home
  10. Fallen
  11. Kiss
  12. Outro