Goldray - Goldray

Goldray - Goldray

Released: 2013
Role: Engineer, Production
Label: Akashic Records

1150224_669396003127953_799834914_nWhen Kenwyn House (the guitarist from Reef) who I’d always enjoyed working with, dragged me to a Pub in Camden and told me about his new project Goldray with his girlfriend Leah, I was very excited.

We recorded the songs at The Granary, Metropolis & the Fish Factory, but most time was spent in his house recording the guitars, keyboards and vocals.

We had a laugh recording some ethnic instruments in a music shop in Camden directly onto my Iphone, without the staff having any idea what we were up to, very funny!

Photo: Goldray HQ, South London.


  1. Outloud (Instrumental: The Arrival)
  2. Calling Your Name
  3. Indigo Sky
  4. Diamond Road (Instrumental: The Busking Magician)