Manu Lanvin - Mauvais Casting

Manu Lanvin - Mauvais Casting

Released: 2012
Role: Mixing
Label: Verycords / France

I’d already worked with Manu Lanvin many times before on his solo projects, as well as Nord & Calvin Russell.

This time my friend Nikko Bonniere was producing, and learning from the Calvin Russell experience, Manu had turned to Blues.

I mixed the album with Nikko at Manu’s studio, La Chocolaterie in Pigalle Paris. Mastered with Mike Marsh at the Exchange London.


  1. Sur La Route Sixty One
  2. Don't Beat a Woman
  3. Mauvais Casting
  4. Donne moi la fièvre
  5. Laisse moi respirer
  6. Tendre est la nuit
  7. Lil White Man
  8. Not in the Mood
  9. Tomorrow
  10. My Good Old Friend
  11. Sir Ad and Mr A&R
  12. Mon amour