Krazolta - Link

Krazolta - Link

Released: 2016
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: Autoproduction / France

12232961_528990743932590_3838929602341497739_oRecorded & mixed at Studio Berduquet near Bordeaux France.

This was my first session in this Studio and my first Analog production for many years. What a difference!! I’d forgotten how great it is to record and mix analog with the protools switched off.

A crazy session including 3 different drummers, 2 bass players, a brass section and a bunch of Chileans who turned up to play on 1 song. Loads of fun!

Me and Guillaume have become great friends and it’s thanks to him that I’m going to start to teach analog recording in the studio, so that this tradition of recording isn’t lost for ever.


  1. Last Escape
  2. Fascista
  3. More Moses
  4. Mr President
  5. Pacifista
  6. Four Reasons
  7. Expected Lines
  8. Faithless Junk
  9. Fishing Birds
  10. Emptiness in the Morning