Les Négresses Vertes - Mlah

Les Négresses Vertes - Mlah

Released: 1989
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: Off The Track Records / France

One of my favorite sessions ever. I’d just come back from Australia where I’d learn’t a lot about recording bands as live as possible.

I was in Paris putting the finishing touches to the Apple Mosaic album when Pete Murray (The Boss of OTT Records) took me to see them play in a small club in Paris. Their energy blew me away. It was such a mess but that’s what made it good. I was determined to try & capture this energy.

We recorded at Davout studios, Paris in the big room. I never recorded one instrument at a time, would always have as many of them playing to keep the vibe. I produced this album with my good friend Sodi.


Mlah was released around the world with a big success. It has been certified Double Platinum.


  1. La Valse
  2. Zobi la Mouche
  3. C'est Pas la Mer à Boire
  4. Voilà l'Été
  5. Orane
  6. La Faim des Haricots
  7. Les Yeux de Ton Père
  8. Il
  9. L'Homme des Marais
  10. Les Rablablas les Roubliblis
  11. Marcelle Ratafia
  12. La Danse des Négresses Vertes
  13. Hey Maria
  14. Le Père Magloire