Hunters & Collectors - Ghost Nation

Hunters & Collectors - Ghost Nation

Released: 1989
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: Mushroom Records / Australia

Ghost Nation is the 7th studio album by Australian rockers Hunters & Collectors. It was recorded in Platinum Studios, Melbourne in 1989.

My first production in Australia, Wow what a band. My first serious rock band!

Again we set up live in the studio with a PA, no headphones. They were so used to playing live, they didn’t like the cold studio environment… So loud !


Ghost Nation made the Top 10 on the Australian albums chart and has been certified double platinum.


  1. When the River Runs Dry
  2. Blind Eye
  3. Love All Over Again
  4. Crime of Passion
  5. You Stole My Thunder
  6. Ghost Nation
  7. The Way You Live
  8. Gut Feeling
  9. Lazy Summer Day
  10. Running Water