Manu Lanvin - Son(s) of the Blues

Manu Lanvin - Son(s) of the Blues

Released: 2014
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: Verycords / France

At last Manu had produced a totally Blues album. He’d spent a lot of time in New Orleans & on the Blues trail in America and touring with his new band. The death of Calvin Russell inspired him to become a Blues man.

All of the tracks were recorded & mixed in his little studio Le Chocolaterie in Pigale Paris. Again Nikko Bonniere was producing. I was called in to help with the vocals & mixing.


  1. Son of the Blues
  2. All Night Long
  3. Merci
  4. Just Wanna Drown
  5. Laisse Couler
  6. Luzern
  7. Ain't Gonna be your Dawg
  8. Lorsqu'une Femme Pleure
  9. Back in Montreux
  10. Ain't Got Time for Love
  11. Hey Hey Hey
  12. Goin' Down