Painters & Dockers - Kiss My Art

Painters & Dockers - Kiss My Art

Released: 1988
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: White Label Records / Australia

I first went to Australia in 1987. I worked on 6 albums in 6 months, don’t think I had any days off! The Aussies thought I was completely crazy!

“Kiss My Art” was recorded at Richmond Studios in Melbourne and mixed at Rhinoceros and Platinum Studios. Pretty sure like all the albums I did at this time it went top 10 in the charts.


  1. Jacks' Car
  2. Die Yuppie Die
  3. Safe Sex
  4. Bad
  5. If He Beats You, Leave!
  6. Love On Your Breath
  7. Timing
  8. I'm Selling Out
  9. Meltdown
  10. Nude School
  11. Judas