The Naive New Beaters - Wallace

The Naive New Beaters - Wallace

Released: 2009
Role: Engineer, Mixing, Production
Label: Cinq 7

This is a funny tale, not surprising they’re a funny band!

I’d recently got a new manager in France, Freddy Lamotte. He sent me some songs from the Naive New Beaters, which I loved.  He told me that I was unlikely to get the gig as they were a very hyped band & were after the best!

However I manage to get a meeting with them, which went well enough. But then returning from Paris to London by complete coincidence we were booked on the same train in the same carriage… Of course several beers later I was going to produce their first album.

We recorded in Paris at Freddy Lamotte’s studio. The programmer who they chose was a young kid from London called Amir Amor who went on to work for Rudimental..

We mixed the album in London with Nick Terry at Strongroom studios.

Another nice coincidence from this album was that I got to master the album with Mike Marsh at the Exchange. Again the band chose him as they liked some of his albums. I’ve been working with him ever since.



  1. L.A. Trumpets
  2. Get Love
  3. Live Good
  4. Wow Now
  5. Can't Choose
  6. Just Another Day
  7. Dual Income No Kids
  8. Janeiro
  9. Boring David
  10. The Last Badaboum