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Hello, welcome to my website.

After a career of more than 30 years I've managed to get together a story of my life in the studio.

I've worked with big bands & small bands in great studios to living rooms, all of them a great experience.
I love the whole process of recording songs, it's one of life's great pleasures.

I hope you enjoy looking at the site.



Clive Martin in the Studio

I started my career in 1980 at the legendary Trident Studios in Soho London, the best education possible. After 5 years working with so many great bands such as The Cure, Sting, Queen, Nick Cave & Soft Cell, I went freelance.

I spent a year working with David Byrne on the Oscar winning soundtrack "The Last Emperor" before going to Australia to find some Guitar bands! such as Hunters & Collectors and Crowded House.

Back in Europe my first major production was with Les Negresses Vertes which has kept me busy in France ever since, working with bands such as Dolly, Silmarils, Les Wampas, Superbus, The Naive New Beaters & Manolo from the Gypsy Kings.

In England after working for Island records as the In-house producer, I got great satisfaction in finding new bands and helping them get record deals. In the 90's I worked with Reef, Puressence, Mansun, Echobelly, the Llama Farmers & Stereophonics to name a few.

Since then I've been working with Artists all over Europe having hits with Anna F in Austria, Max Prosa in Germany & Raining Pleasure in Greece. I'm now based in Greece & London and have a studio on the Island of Paros.

Hire Me

After 30 years working in the Studio and all my experience, I'll help you with song structures and arrangements, help get the best performances out of you and find the best direction for your music.

I can work anywhere from the biggest studios to your home! I love to record as live as possible to capture the performance, I love guitars and great singers.

These days I'll normally end up mixing in the box as its now a necessity. I have my own pro tools setup and a studio on the beautiful island of Paros, Greece, where I often end up to finish the mixing. I can do my own mastering as well.

All of this can be done with a minimum budget but with impressive results.

Coming soon...

Bad Pilot

Bad Pilot

This band totally changed my life! As soon as I received the demos I fell in love with the music & Alex’s voice.

Its a mix of Electro / Dance & rock but totally unique, with amazing soundscapes, great programming and fantastic vocals.

I love them.

Manu Lanvin

Manu Lanvin

Another album with my good friends Manu Lanvin & Nikko Bonniere producing.

We decided to record the Drums & guitars in a Riad in Marrakech to get a bigger sound which worked out perfectly!

We finished the overdubs, vocals and mix at La Chocolaterie Studio in Paris.

Its a great record and I think Manu’s best.

Datcha Mandala

Datcha Mandala

An album recorded and mixed at Berduquet Studios near Bordeaux, 100% analog. What a joy with the Neve desk & the Ampex 24 track, it doesn’t get much better!

The aim was to catch the band’s live energy and produce a great sounding vinyl totally analog LP.

The result is just stunning!! I can’t wait for this one to be released.



I have to record the music for a documentary about the Spartathlon. If you don’t know what this is, as most people don’t, its a race from Athens to Sparta around 245kms, which the winner did in 24 hours! Crazy.

I’ll be recording the music with Greek band “Old House Playground” we’ve already started by recording some demos. Now we have to wait for the editing. We’ll be doing the recording in Paris.

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Recording “White Boy” in Manchester

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